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Terms & Conditions for Heterodox Academy Speakers Bureau

Heterodox Academy's strength lies in its members who promote academic research and universities. Speakers listed in the HxA Speakers Bureau are HxA members who practice the HxA Way: they make their case with evidence; they are intellectually charitable; they are intellectually humble; their intellectual exchanges are constructive; and they lead by example to make a positive impact on colleges and universities. 

Anyone listed in the HxA Speakers Bureau, therefore, commits to all of the following:
  • They are a member of HxA who practices the HxA Way;
  • They are not a student but a higher ed professional (currently working or retired);
  • They are a scholar* speaking or debating in their area(s) of academic expertise or on the affairs of higher education, or are a (non-faculty) staff member* of a university or of a higher-ed-related organization offering a professional development workshop pertaining to their professional area; 
  • They are willing to collaborate with the host institution to make any necessary travel and lodging arrangements for their invited speaking engagement; 
  • They will keep their Speaker profile updated including adding recent appearances and any future dates they are not available for speaking engagements; 
  • They grant permission for the host institution to use the headshot photo, or other photos they upload to their speaker profile, to promote their speaking engagement; and
  • They do not speak for Heterodox Academy as an organization.

*By "scholar" we mean that they are a current (or retired) member of a university faculty or have a terminal degree in their field and actively participate in it; and they have peer-reviewed publications in their scholarly area(s) of expertise. By "staff" we mean that they are not a member of a university faculty (current or retired) but work at a university or a higher-ed related organization in a non-faculty role.

To protect the integrity of the HxA Speakers Bureau, HxA reserves the right not to publish the speaker profile of any speaker that violates these terms.

HxA is not responsible for statements or views expressed by the speakers, nor does HxA take any responsibility for speaker misconduct.  

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