Professor of Behavioral Economics

Professor Monica Capra is a leading scholar in experimental and behavioral economics. Her research focuses on decision-making through experimental methods and game theory.

Professor Capra has authored several influential papers exploring topics like behavioral game theory and its applications. Some works have appeared in top journals like the American Economic Review.

In 2003, Professor Capra began interdisciplinary collaborations in neuroeconomics. This helped establish the field combining economics, psychology and neuroscience.

Currently, Professor Capra is a Professor of Economics at Claremont Graduate University. She serves on the editorial boards of Experimental Economics and the Journal of Behavioral Economics.

Additionally, Professor Capra is a member of the executive committee of the Economic Science Association and a fellow of the Bolivian Academy of Economic Sciences. She remains actively involved in academic communities.

When not researching, Professor Capra enjoys spending time with her family and also enjoys playing tennis.

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