Dr. H. E. Baber

I'm a philosophy professor at the University of San Diego. My specialty areas is (analytic!) metaphysics. With a colleague in economics I have team-taught interdisciplinary courses on women’s role in the labor force and development economics and ethics. We collaborated on Globalization and International Development, a reader including contemporary papers, including our own essays, on globalization, colonialism and neo-colonialism, terrorism, population and on immigration, integration, and diversity. I am the author of The Trinity: A Philosophical Investigation.

In addition to my research in metaphysics and theology, I have done work in applied ethics and social philosophy. In The Multicultural Mystique: The Liberal Case Against Diversity I argue that identity politics, a synthesis of postmodernism, postcolonialism, and critical race theory, is not only intellectually untenable but, instead of promoting justice for members of racial minorities and other disadvantaged groups, is most harmful to members of those identity groups whose interests it is supposed to serve.

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Recent Appearance (1 of 5) -title, host institution, year: ‘Sex Reassignment and Gender Misfits’, American Philosophical Association conference, February 2024
Recent Appearance (2 of 5) -title, host institution, year: ‘Monarchy and Mystery’, Calvin College, October 2023
Recent Appearance (3 of 5) -title, host institution, year: ‘What Could Jesus Do?’, Society of Christian Philosophers conference, Air Force Academy, October 2022
Recent Appearance (4 of 5) -title, host institution, year: : ‘Is EACH Too Utilitarian for Christians’, Effective Altruism for Christians (EACH) conference, 2022
Recent Appearance (5 of 5) -title, host institution, year: ‘Getting What We Want’, University of San Diego Colloquium, 2019
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