David Rozado

I am an academic research scientist interested in documenting trends within social institutions. My research work involves the usage of computational tools to analyze content from institutions such as news media or the Academy. I'm also interested in the topic of AI bias.

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Speaker's Title and Institutional/Organizational Affiliation: Associate Professor at Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology
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Speaking Topics - List up to 5 specific topics or titles, each separated by a semicolon: AI fairness; Algorithmic bias; The Great Awokening; computational content analysis; news media
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Recent Appearance (1 of 5) -title, host institution, year: How Will AI Change Academic Research?, Heterodox Academy, 2023
Recent Appearance (2 of 5) -title, host institution, year: Free expression among NZ undergraduates, Free Kiwis, 2022
Recent Appearance (3 of 5) -title, host institution, year: Institutionalized: Artificial Intelligence with David Rozado, Manhattan Institute, 2023