Bradley Campbell

Bradley Campbell is a professor of sociology at California State University, Los Angeles. His work examines moral conflict, including violent conflicts such as genocide as well as nonviolent conflicts on college campuses over politics and free speech. His most recent book, How to Think Better About Social Justice: Why Good Sociology Matters (Routledge), will be available in February 2024. He is also the author of The Geometry of Genocide: A Study in Pure Sociology (University of Virginia Press) and coauthor of The Rise of Victimhood Culture: Microaggressions, Safe Spaces, and the New Culture Wars (Palgrave Macmillan). He has co-authored op-ed articles about contemporary moral conflicts that have appeared in Time, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and the New York Times.

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Speaker's Title and Institutional/Organizational Affiliation: Professor of Sociology, California State University, Los Angeles
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Recent Appearance (1 of 5) -title, host institution, year: “Social Justice, Sociology, and Moral Humility,” Human Progress and Flourishing Workshop, Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth, North Dakota State University, 2021.
Recent Appearance (2 of 5) -title, host institution, year: “Dignity in an Era of Victimhood and Incivility,” Freedom Project Lecture Series, Wellesley College, 2019
Recent Appearance (3 of 5) -title, host institution, year: “The Freedom of Dignity and the Tyranny of Victimhood” (with Jason Manning), Koch Lecture Series, Azusa Pacific University, 2019
Recent Appearance (4 of 5) -title, host institution, year: “Dignity, Victimhood, and the Future of the University,” William Penn Honors Program Lecture Series, George Fox University, 2018
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