Matt Burgess

I am an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, where I research and teach about environmental economics. I am affiliated with the Environmental Studies and Economics departments, the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, and the Center for Social and Environmental Futures, which I direct. I am also passionate about reducing political polarization, especially as it relates to environmental issues and college campuses. I do research and outreach on this subject, as a Faculty Fellow for Higher Education and Democracy through CU Boulder’s Office of Outreach and Engagement, a Faculty Fellow of the Bruce D. Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization, as co-chair of CU Boulder’s Heterodox Academy Campus Community, and as host of the Benson Center’s Free Mind podcast. More information about me and my research group can be found here.

I regularly give public presentations and speak to national and international media on the topics of climate change polarization; climate change economics; long-run scenarios of climate change and economic growth; the relationship between economic growth and fiscal, social, and political unrest; and endangered species conservation. Media mentions, popular articles, and recordings of my previous talks can be found at my website, linked below.

Speaker's Title and Institutional/Organizational Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, and Director of the Center for Social and Environmental Futures, University of Colorado Boulder
Event Type :
Fireside Chat
Book Talk
Constitution Day Event
Classroom Visit
Debate, Forum, or HxConversation
Speaking Topics - List up to 5 specific topics or titles, each separated by a semicolon: Depolarizing climate change in the United States; How much will the Earth warm this century, and what does it mean for the economy?; What slowing economic growth means for the climate and society; Guided civic revival: How good incentives and a strong civic center can save our democracy and our planet; Free minds on campus: how students and administrators can create a healthy campus conversation
Blackout Dates (Dates speaker is unavailable, Date/Month/Year): It varies by week and semester.
Distance Willing to Travel: Any/No Limits to Travel Radius
Scholarly Area: Social Sciences
Modality of Event : In Person and/or Virtual
Willingness to be recorded: Willing
Speaking Fee (Not including travel/lodging expenses): $0-$5,000 USD
Recent Appearance (1 of 5) -title, host institution, year: "Depolarizing climate change in the United States", Case Western Reserve University School of Law, 2023
Recent Appearance (2 of 5) -title, host institution, year: "Five considerations for 21st-century climate policy", Florida International University Environment Forum, 2023
Recent Appearance (3 of 5) -title, host institution, year: "Which future climate scenario deserves center stage?", American Geophysical Union Press Roundtable, 2022
Recent Appearance (4 of 5) -title, host institution, year: "A socratic approach to fostering curiosity, humility, and empathy in the classroom", Heterodox Academy Conference, 2022
Recent Appearance (5 of 5) -title, host institution, year: "Implications of slowing economic growth for climate change and society", Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy, University of Tennessee Knoxville, 2021
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